OLIVES follows the lives of three 20-somethings as they discover what it means to be an ethnic woman in London today. In this heartfelt comedy, girls go to extreme lengths in order to find themselves racially, spiritually and sexually.

OLIVES is created by Alannah Olivia, a Cypriot and Egyptian actress, writer, director from London.

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OLIVES is a dramedy, which follows the lives of three olive-skinned women in their mid-twenties. 

We see our three girls through their struggles to overcome the social (but also self-imposed) limitations of being an ethnic woman in our current society.  We see them go to extreme lengths to find themselves by embracing their racial, spiritual and sexual identities.  It is a heartfelt dramedy which tackles some very current and important themes.

After another sleepless night for Anna, being haunted by her anxious thoughts – her alter-ego who she refers to as Annastatia, Anna is desperate more than ever to find peace and so in episode one we see her embark on a journey toward finding the key to her true self and the end of Annastatia.  She begins by believing that exploring her sexuality is the answer, but we soon realise through Anna exploring not only her sexuality but her spirituality, religious beliefs and even veganism that the problem is not her identity but something much more deep rooted. 

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Alannah Olivia is a Cypriot and Egyptian actress, writer, director from London, with a particular interest in creating diverse stories for the unrepresented. During her work as an actress in various TV and Film projects such as; People Just Do Nothing (BBC), Fungus The Bogeyman (SKY One), Kill Your Friends, Peep Show (Channel Four), Uncle (BBC), she began to feel frustrated by the lack of diversity in the media, and so followed her impulse to write and perform her own words. Alannah aims to create a more inviting and inclusive future on screen, for all the other ethnic females who’s stories are yet to be heard.